Monday, October 10, 2011

Site investigation for Bengoh's mini-hydro return promising reports!

Waterfall near Kg Rejoi's new settlement

Waterfall near Kg Bojong's new settlement

Looking at the waterfalls near to the 2 villages where the mini-hydro were to be installed: aren't they promising, with plenty of `head' (height of waterfall) and reasonable volume of water in Kg Rejoi's case and plentifull supply in Kg Bojong's case! It appear that producing over 15kW of electricity from both sites together is feasible-especially considering that there are likely to be much more height to the waterfall below the ponds shown here. A crude way to measure the flow rate of the waterfall near Kg Rejoi shows that the big water container filled in few seconds! From these basic information it is possible to work out the energy output, and from there to work out an appropriate turbine design and the dynamo/generator capacity. We are also near to estimating the costs of implementing the project, with the distances of the waterfalls from the new villages already measured. We thank the villagers who took quick action to report back to us, from the last meeting less than 2 weeks ago!

Measuring flow rate at waterfall near Kg Rejoi

Trying to measure flow rate at waterfall near Kg Bojong!
Side view of the higher waterfall(near Kg Rejoi)

Side view of lower waterfall (near Kg Bojong)
If you are interested to read up on what are the components and functioning of a mini-hydro generator a recomended read is here.

With very keen villagers and good waterfalls we are now left to locate the fund to implement the mini-hydro! Prospective donors are welcome to contact us thru or call 013-5900339(BK Ong)

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