Friday, October 21, 2011

Raising fund for Bengoh's mini hydros-1 DVD at a time! !

A `dream' for Bengoh folks?But you can help them make it come true! Will you-fellow Malaysians-to liberate fellow citizens from darkness lietrally and figuratively?

This next week will see us going to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah to screen the Bengoh film, while promoting the voter education and voter observation programs to Sabah. No where is too far for us to promote the DVDs and voters rights!

We will have a screening of the Bengoh film according to the following details:
Date: Oct 26th(Wednesday)
Time: 7.00pm
Venue: Celyn Hotel, next to City Mall
Programs: *Talk on `Why election observation for coming 13th General Elections?'
                *screening of `Ulu Bengoh Darom Piin'
Speaker: Ong BK, MEO-Net National Coordinator
Entrance: FREE-bring all your friends!

Sales and collection from our DVDs cross RM3000.00 mark today! Gross total stands at Rm3017.00 as of now.

14 DVDs were sold to my friends who were arrested together at an anti-ISA candlelight vigil at PJCC 2 years ago! Due to frequent meeting at the court -which happened every month or so we had become so chummy that I managed to sell 14 DVD to about 20 OKT (Orang Kena Tangkap/arrestees) present! This is a special mix with MP(Tony Pua), Selangor Exco(Liu Thean Kiu), Councilor (Teoh Why Kheng), pastor (Fr Poleno), lawyers(Ashok Kendayan), Citizen Journalist (Lim), lecturer(Andrew Ng), Radio DJ(Arif Abdul with Durian FM), etc etc. It is also a muhibbah group consisting of the MIC members (Malays, Indians, Chinese and a few in between and `others').

Our target is about Rm40k. So we are still below even 10% of the target.after 2 weeks of pushing. But it is not impossible. More screenings/DVD sales are coming up:

Oct 22nd-a Sarawakians gathering in KL

Oct 29th -screening with Freedom Film Fest in Kuching; Director Joachim Leong and cameraman cum narrator Lee Weng Yow will both fly in to attend the screening! Niloh, another camerawoman who stay in Kuching, will also be there to help!

More screenings are planned eg with the KLSCAH. Details coming soonest!

So: Look Out! Let's us know if there is a group interested to watch the film and help out the mini hydro project! West Malaysians will stand to gain much knowledge on Sarawak through these screenings-something which we need for real democratisation of the country!

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