Monday, October 10, 2011

Gross DVD sales & donation for Bengoh's mini-hydro project approach RM2k! More welcome!

Media launch of Bengoh film in Penang
Kg Rejoi's 5-man committee to take charge of the mini-hydro.

Halo folks,
Thanks to the enthusiastic response from the Bengoh film audiences over the last 2 weeks we had collected from sales and donation in KL and Penang a total of RM1911.00 as of today, which will go towards installing mini-hydro for Bengoh villagers, many of whom are still living in the dark literally and figuratively! While we have yet to calculate the costs involved to instal mini-hydro for families involved we are looking at RM35-40k to instal about 15kw of hydro electricity for the villages. So: we have made the 1st step and achieved 5% of the donations required by selling the DVD of the new Bengoh film. Please do your part to bring light to the villagers! The faster we achieve the target the earlier we can instal the mini-hydro generators. Interested folks can also hike up to the site to witness the installation of the mini-hydro.

Anyone interested to donate can write to our email: or call me at 013-5900339(Ong BK-producer).
Gross DVD sales & donations   
DVDs sold=126 XRm12.00=RM1512.00     ;
Donations                            =RM399.00                                                                             

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