Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bewildering resources about Bengoh dam site

After deciding to do a film on the people at the Bengoh dam site we come across many interesting resources on the area which we think we should share with you:

Andrew Garton's recent series of short films titled `Sarawak Gone', including ones on Bengoh(2010),are worth watching. You can download them here:
1. The Forest and the Dam
2. The Bidayuh and the Dam
3. You can't eat the road

My Rainforest Adventure, a blog which chronicled a travel by some young people to Semban village(2010), one of the 4 villages to be submerged by Bengoh dam, is most informative as well as mesmerizing.Great photos and videos on the culture and lifestyles of the Bidayuh communities there! After going through the 9-part series on the travel to Semban village you may not want all these to go under water soon!


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