Sunday, October 16, 2011

5th screening and discussion on anti-dam campaign: more to come!

Engineer, housewife, geologist, cab driver, construction worker, lecturer etc gathered for the Bengoh film screening last night at Puchong Book Club. (Thanks Cynthia for photo)

Last night there was a small group screening session of the Bengoh film cum discussion on the anti-dam campaign, held at Puchong's Book Club at 4.00pm. 16 persons turned up and a sum of RM154.00 was collected from the group through sales of DVD (12 copies) and donation(Rm10.00). This is the kind of activity that we will keep doing to spread the message where the mainstream media refused to print/air/broadcast. Big sections of the public will miss out if we hope to catch them by a few big scale screenings.No one should be deprived of such information if they want to access it. More groups are also approached to hold small gatherings where we can send presenter to speak to the group about the grave issues involved. Since the screening and discussions are informal, small scale, usually held indoor, there will not be problems which arise from big open gatherings. Also: only in small enough groups like this that effective discussion of issues and members participation can be assured.

lively discussion followed the screening-more are welcome!(Photo credit: Cynthia)
The members adjourned to a dinner at one of the many restaurants nearby after the 2-3hour discussion. 

A number of attendants expressed that they were satisfied that their sunday afternoon was well spent.

The Puchong Book Club has been around quite a number of years now and hold weekly gathering to share issues of concern to the members-from socio-political to philosophical issues. Quite a few more similar books clubs operate in KL currently.

The screening was the 5th screening thus far. The other 4 screenings were:
1. Freedom Film Fest -PJ
2. Fredom Film Fest Penang
3. Screening to members of Rumah Api, Ampang
4. Screening at Pusat Rakyat of Loyarburok group

This is not to count smaller informal screenings by various members of the film crew and also satisfied members of the audiences.

So: if anyone can hold a small gathering for the screening of the Bengoh film and for discussing the anti-dam issues in Sarawak please contact us asap through: or 013-5900339.

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