Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Why this blog?

Bengoh is a rural constituency within 1 hour drive from Kuching. It was considered a hot seat in the last state election in Sarawak because there is a dam waiting to displace some 1500 residents and probably affecting many times more outside the soon to be impounded area. However the election results showed that there was almost no effect from the hot issue -and the incumbent was returned with almost the same vote as before! What happened? Why the voters did not use their ballot in their hand to express their unhappiness? A group of us who happened to be election watchers during the election decided to make a film while inquiring on this `strange' happening. The film making took us into very interesting and sometime weird journey that we like to share with you in this blog! Actually Bengoh is so beautiful that we are not sure if this is considered when the plan was hatched to submerged it to facilitate the building of a dam here...

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  1. This film should be shown to as many Sawarakians as possible, especially those who will be affected by all the dams that the government is proposing to build. DO A ROAD SHOW. PLEASE GET IT SHOWN TO EACH AND ALL