Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The colourful film crew members!

The gang of us doing the film are a mixed bag with varying experiences in making film-from a few films to 0. We are more motivated to chase after the reasons for the `strange happening' in Bengoh election. So the gang:

Joachim Leong, member of Loyarburok, new law grad, involved as election observer in 10th Sarawak state elections. Ambition: to optimise career between law and film making! Born in Kuching, Sarawak, now working in KL. Very committed to do something for his home state!

Niloh, staff of a Kuching based NGO called SADIA(Sarawak Dayak Iban Asociation), take a new interest in filming as a mean for making social documentaries; Had already a few titles up her sleeves-one of which was exhibited at Sarawak museum recently!
Weng Yow, new law grad, election observer in 10thSarawak state elections-spent weeks in Sebuyau. Ardent campaigner for democratic change!

Ooi Thean Poh, semi-retired electrical engineer -formerly involved in Batang Ai dam project; First casualty in the filming project: injured his thumb by falling rocks!

Ng Chak Ngoon, most senior crew member, took most photos in the 1st expedition. A practising geologist in KL; 2nd casulty in the filming project: blisters developed on his legs after too much walking!
(These last 2 are shown in the picture where they took a romantic candle light dinner in one of the Bengoh villages, where there is no electricity supply.)

Joachim, as above

Joachim Leong, as above

Lee Zhi Eng, fresh grad in animation from Bintulu. Have done 1 fabulous animation for the film-look forward to more!

Lee Weng Yow, as above

Joachim Leong, as above

Ong BK, Election observer for 10th Sarawak state election. Based in Penang. Picked up by Sarawak Immigration Department on 1st trip to Bengoh dam and put on a 1-way trip out of Sarawak under mysterious circumstances! Is there Something to hide in the Bengoh dam affected villages? Had done a few award winning films before.

Technical assistant:
Arul Prakesh and his KOMAS gang. They are running the annual Freedom Film Fest for many years now and eying to screen this film for the FFF 2011!

Local guides:
Simo, local pastor from Kampung Rejoi, Bengoh

Bodui, local resident Kampung Bojong, Bengoh, arrested at Bersih rally!
Without the dedicated support from the 2 local guides the film can never be made!

Kitak, local resident of kampong Bojong

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