Thursday, August 4, 2011

Camerawomen Niloh's heart was in her mouth crossing the bamboo bridge...

Niloh has to cross this bamboo bridge to get to the Bojong village for filming the lifestyles of the Bidayuh folks. Her greatest fright was to cross these flimsy looking bamboo bridges. But she convinced herself that if the bridges were to give way it wouldn't be when she cross it! Her recollection:

This is suspension bridge video taken from the river.  When I made first 3 steps on the bridge I felt that I can't proceed. I decided to cancel my trip. When I looked back there were 3 men carrying heavy load at their back. Then I was talking to myself. Those men have been gone thru this bridge for over 50 years and surviving to this date. That slowly encouraged me to proceed. It took me roughly 15 mins to reach the other side, while those men were almost running thru it.

I was happy that I managed to get through the scary part, and walk again for another 15 mins to my surprised another suspension bridge a head! The second one is even longer. So I prayed for my safety, this time a bit brave. The next day I returned to Kuching, it was amazing that I walked thru the 2 suspension bridges just like I'm local there. When I reach Kuching then I thought of going there every week to walk thru suspension bridges.


There is a travel blog which have many nice pictures of the unique bamboo bridges in Bengoh area-see it here before the bridges are submerged for ever!

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  1. Quite an experience huh wish I was there. A paradise lost forever..