Sunday, August 7, 2011

Poster competition for the Bengoh film-put on your creative hat!

As the Bengoh film is getting close to be nearing completion we need a fabulous poster to promote the film around. We welcome any creative poster designers out there to give us a hand! Details for the film poster are:

Title: Ulu Bengoh Darom Piin (Bidayuh for `Upper-Bengoh under water')

Synopsis: Journey with us to Bengoh, to its serene and idyllic interior, which will be submerged by Bengoh dam.Bengoh, a constituency considered as a hot seat by all sides, fizzles when the election results came out. Come with us to find out why the people would not express their unhappiness with their ballot.

Duration: 30min

Languages: English and Malay (with English and Malay sub-title)

Director: Joachim Leong
Camera: Niloh, Ng Chak Ngoon, Thean Poh, Joachim L, Weng Yow

Animation: Lee Zhi Eng

Technical Assistance: KOMAS

Producer: Ong BK, MEO-Net

Prize: An original DVD of the film and another handsome prize for the winner!

Submission: send a soft copy to us via this email address:

Deadline: Aug 20th 2011

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