Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Urban-Rural : Take Two Part 1 - Carrying Supplies

In this series of posts, we show you a contrast of stuff we use in our urban lives against what the locals used and have across our journey. We hope this gives you a better picture of life in rural areas or rural Sarawak.

Todays, let take a look at modern backpacks vs. a commonly used apparatus by villagers to lug objects from where the road in to the footpath to the villages or between villages.

The 'Backpack' any backpackers knows and love...

Even yours truly used one of these...

But the villagers? What do they use?

A Bagan.* Innovative, no?

We came across more as we met other villagers...

Interestingly, these villagers have been using such a contraption for ages and the modern backpack has such a frame between the user's back and the contents to provide a similar structure as the villagers' Bagan. Begs the question, maybe, there is more we can learn from the rural areas and we give them less credit than they deserve. Amazing isn't it?

Look out as we make more comparisons between urban-rural (Sarawak - Bengoh).

*Edit: Thanks, Ong for the heads-up.

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  1. Good observation/comparison, Jo!

    The Bidayuh's 'contraption'is called a 'bagan'-by comparison a more heavy duty, a head-powered -in comparison to a back-powered, equipment.