Sunday, August 14, 2011

Before they are all lost from the map...

When the Bengoh dam start impoundment all the locations within its 10km squares area will be lost in the world maps! But not literally-for a simple reason that Bengoh's villages are not yet located in the maps eg Google Earth! There are no printed maps which shows where the villages to be submerged are located. The film crews found the place by asking around and engaging local guides. So enjoy Bengoh's views and lifestyles before they are buried 62m under water! You actually don't have that many days to do this-the dam's impoundment is held back by some incompetency of the developer-otherwise it should have started by end of last year!

Last few visits before all these are gone?

one of the Chapel to be submerged

For remembrance?

Last few walks?

pepper being sun

Football field for the fishes?

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