Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sarawak's `development' leave Bengoh's folks in pre-car time-capsule!

The `developed' city of Kuching is a mere 45min drive away from Kg Bengoh, the entry point to walk-only Bengoh villages. Yet the `development' boasted by the rulers of Sarawak had left this part of Sarawak in a time capsule of pre-car days: traveling is only by walking, carrying of goods is only by human hauling, carrying of the sick and the young to klinic outside is also by human power. As though to supplement a `period' film some of the houses are still using candles and kerosene lamps-officially estimated at 10% but reality may be more.There is no air-con or fans-so heat could be killing at times, especially when there is no wind. A state that afford over half-a billion Ringgit state assembly building somehow, cannot afford to spread a bit of its amenities to the communities nearby. At the end of the days it is these humble folks who are asked to give up their ancestral lands-their only possession, so that those who are better off in town can have unending supply of water! Such is the `justice' under the `trickle up' economy! Could Sarawak's politicians who travel in big cars, helicopter and private jets make some amendments to such a blatantly skewed system?
Carrying a generator set for repair in town?
Gas tank is also carried for hours UPHILL!

Going to town is a long walk!


Going to clinic, baby?

Auntie on a firewood collection trip

Carrying a baby under hot sun, a visitor even fainted at some point on the trip !

Carrying 1 plank at a time to build new homes!
Escorted travel by politicians are beyond Bengoh folks' dream!


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